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The SAGE Centers is a multi-faceted community of creative, successful people over fifty joining together to re-invent our lives for the next decades.  Our education and coaching address the challenges and opportunities we face, especially the need for retirement income. We are designing systems for lifelong learning, meaningful work, health and wellness. Together we’re building skills to live fully as we age, and a community of social support and celebration.

We began as a business incubator and resource center, located in Berkeley, California. We are building businesses because more than 2/3 of the 73 million Baby Boomers in America do not have the income to retire with dignity. As we age we can’t find jobs, we can’t afford to retire and existing models of retirement don’t fit. We need residual income to replace our earned income and lost retirement savings.

Within our SAGE Centers community we build lasting relationships, which distinguishes us from other business training programs and co-working spaces. We support one another as we grow together, sharing these values:

  • Community: We thrive on deep connections and mutual support. We honor each member’s skills, talents and  needs so that we all benefit from each other’s expertise.
  • Collaboration: Working in a community, you meet all sorts of people with all sorts of knowledge. Creativity blossoms in an open learning environment. When we help one another by sharing our strength everyone benefits. Especially for people who work from home, building a collaborative community is essential.
  • Pay attention to the whole person: We address personal development as well as business education. Success is determined by who you are, not just what you create and market.
  • Inclusion: We are creating a community that is open to all. We value and welcome diversity of all kinds.