The SAGE Centers is a social movement powered by social enterprise. We are a multi-faceted community of creative, successful people over fifty, joining together to re-invent our lives for the next decades.

Our core component is a business incubator and resource center, offering excellent training and support as we design systems for lifelong learning, meaningful work, housing, health and wellness.

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“Judith Rosenberg has been my consultant for the past year. During this time I have moved quantum leaps to achieve my professional goals.  Judith works with me in a collaborative way, holding both worlds – the physical and emotional, combining her unique skill sets as a somatic therapist and a business coach. We work collaboratively in a shared creative process. She is always curious and respectful of my opinion, stimulating me to pull from my own knowledge to greatly enhance my productivity.”

Dr. Nicky Silver, chiropractor

“The Sage Center classes introduced me to a whole new world of options for re-creating and re-inventing me life."

Denise Pate, community arts developer